Why US?

We have been successfully able to gain trust of our loyal client base following a few simple principles:

  • Need Analysis: The "Know Your Client" principle is at the core part of our business. We understand that we need to know our clients risk profile, basic financial situation, to present them the right selection of investment products/schemes.

  • Highest Standards of Integrity, Trust and Values: This strong foundation is the basis and essence upon which the SAS INVESTMENT is based on.

  • Preparing Customized Financial Plan: We use our best judgment and ability to present you with the best of the breed investment schemes, for you to choose from. These plans are tailor made for each individual client and capture all the essential details of financial goals, lifestyle needs, family responsibilities and personal aspirations or dreams

  • Efficient Execution: Our service really begins when you have completed your first transaction through us. Our aim is to be continuously in touch with you with new offerings.

  • Service Excellence and Client Retention: Having serviced many of our clients we pride ourselves with a robust infrastructure strongly supported by automated processes to deliver an efficient platform of advisory and service excellence.

  • Client Protection: Advising a client on what NOT do and what investments NOT to make is a critical area of our service. There are number of products making several claims and promises our role is to study them carefully and ensure that only the right investment becomes part of our clients specific financial plan, and therefore protecting our clients from making incorrect investments which may deviate them to achieve their financial goals.

  • Financial Literacy: We believes that financial literacy is most important part before execution of any financial plan for this we channelize our self with help of lectures & presentation to make more and more people aware about different financial products available for them so that our clients become more knowledgeable and feel completely empowered to manage their plans effectively.

  • Our Team: Sharp, Focused and Relevant Experts who provide both Advisory and Service excellence to each of our clients.

  • Incredible Range of Financial Products: after prudent analysis of each product, investment solutions are chosen so as to ensure that the objectives defined in the plan for our clients are met.

  • Focussed investor reach: We firmly believe in suggesting the investment schemes keeping in mind the factors such as age group,annual earnings,etc since every individual has different needs and we are here to help them out in how to achieve their objectives by opting for the maximum profits earned by the investment policies

  • Individual Attention: We would be assisting each person in terms of portfolio management,risk analysis and time to time delivery of services as and when required related to financial planning.